SchoolCafé Frequently Asked Questions

With a new platform, naturally there may be many questions. Read through our FAQ to learn more about our game-changing software!

1. What type of school districts are the right fit for SchoolCafé?

SchoolCafé is being introduced to districts on a case-by-case basis depending on a district’s scope of operations and desired functionalities. SchoolCafé is currently suggested for smaller districts, or districts with less complex operations (for example, districts that do not require Central Warehouse or Central Kitchen) until we release additional functionalities into the solution. Request a custom demo to see if it’s the right fit for your school nutrition program.

2. What modules are available?

Available modules include Menu Planning, Inventory, Production, POS/Accountability, Eligibility, and Family Hub. The SchoolCafé platform is an all-in-one, fully integrated solution that allows all modules to communicate with each other, eliminating redundancy and improving accuracy. We have a long-term plan to continue to expand our modules and features. For example, adding Professional Standards and Financials to the SchoolCafé platform. Check out our Product Page to get more in-depth information about our offerings.

3. What does the migration, training, and implementation process look like?

SchoolCafé is equipped with built-in migration tools, ensuring a smooth process for all data to be transferred. For full details on each of these stages, please visit the Services webpage which covers training, implementation, and support.

4. How soon could I start the implementation process?

You are welcome to partner with SchoolCafé at any time, but please know that implementation would not start until 2023. We appreciate your patience.

5. Are there any special hardware requirements?

No special hardware is required.

6. Will it be cloud based or can I use my own server?

SchoolCafe will only be cloud-based. If you want to use your own server, we recommend PrimeroEdge. 

7. Is SchoolCafé Menu Planning USDA approved?

Menu Planning is USDA approved for nutrition and meal compliance to help your district meet school meal program requirements.

8. Where can I find information about pricing?
SchoolCafé pricing is subject to the scope and services requested by your district. Contact us to get a quote from your Regional Account Executive.  In the meantime, feel free to visit our Pricing Page to view software packages and get an estimate based on your number of sites.

9. Do you have any marketing collateral I can review?

Please review our Front Office and Back Office flyers, our YouTube channel, and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for exciting updates!

10. What or who is Cybersoft Technologies?

Cybersoft Technologies is SchoolCafe’s parent company that has been focused on building software solutions for school districts and state agencies. 


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