The Official Launch of SchoolCafé

SchoolCafé is the newest innovative school nutrition software created by Cybersoft Technologies, owner and developer of PrimeroEdge. This SaaS product is designed to help school nutrition professionals across the nation simplify their operations so they can focus on serving more students and families. SchoolCafé officially launched at ANC 2022 andour passionate teams are ready to support your school nutrition programs.

“SchoolCafé elevates the industry and makes a difference in school nutrition by focusing on the people that actually use our technology,” said Gordon Rereddy, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Cybersoft. “The new SchoolCafé is fully cloud-based, which means users can manage their operations from anywhere and get the real-time insights they need to make quick, effective decisions.”

SchoolCafé’s mobile-friendly platform is an all-in-one fully integrated solution that combines every aspect of school nutrition. From customized reports to ordering ingredients, inventory, nutritional analysis, menu planning, and parent support, it’s all a single user-friendly experience. SchoolCafé’s responsive, secure, fully web-based, solutions include:

  • The ability to make data-based decisions with better accuracy, helping to reduce food waste and stay within budget.
  • A sleek interface that reduces redundancy and makes it easier to navigate the system, without switching back and forth between modules.
  • Easy implementation, meaning no downloads or installation needed.
  • Access the software from any location
  • The ability to process transactions from anywhere, even without a network connection.
  • Analytics dashboards within each module to give users insight into their operations at a quick glance.
  • A digital workspace that allows users to seamlessly communicate with one another and efficiently manage daily tasks. 
  • Setup wizards and checklists to help guide users through processes without the risk of missing any important details.
  • USDA-approved tool for nutrient analysis, making it easy to meet school meal program requirements.
  • The Family Hub mobile app enables families to monitor their student’s cafeteria account, make automatic payments, apply for benefits, view purchase history, learn about nutrition values, and receive low balance alerts.

If you’d like to learn more about the caring people that fuel our mission and values, visit:

This piece has been edited from a press release written by Lisa Metzger.

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