Manage Items

By connecting seamlessly with the inventory module, your district can easily get the ingredients it needs to prepare meals at your central production site. SchoolCafé also calculates the weight and cost per serving of finished goods for accurate accounting.

Make Easy Adjustments

You can add, substitute, and replace ingredients in the event that your district needs to make last-minute changes to a menu. Emergency orders don’t have to be stressful. With SchoolCafé’s production module, your central production facility can easily adapt to new demands.

Central Production

Like all inventory items, lead times can be included for all centrally produced items, helping each site schedule their production plans.

Production Plans

SchoolCafé leverages auto-fill functionality that allows past production plans to populate into any future production project based on a percentage of matched items served. A forecasting report is also available to view previous servings on the same menu for planning. Once production plans are completed, vendor orders can be generated based on planned counts, current inventory on hand, usage, and quantity on order. When used in conjunction with SchoolCafé Inventory, orders for required inventory items can be generated automatically.

Production Records

A comprehensive production record is completed on the day of each production. Food items not served can be designated as a leftover to be reused, returned to stock, or classified as waste. Reusable leftovers can be carried over to a future production record with production quantities automatically calculated, filling in the production record.

Inventory Withdrawals

Your recorded production quantities can be deducted directly from the Inventory Module without needing to leave the page. Our system will automatically populate the quantities from actual production to reduce manual counting, allowing you to withdraw inventory with ease.

Stations Configuration

Managers can easily configure production stations for food preparation while assigning menu item categories to staff. Easy-to-follow instructions ensure clear and easy recording.

Production Status

Maintain full control by tracking production status by site, meal type, and line item to keep you updated on your district’s progress in any given timeframe. With SchoolCafé, you can see which sites need improvement with their production planning and ensure your budget stays in line.

Ready to Elevate Your School Nutrition Program?

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