Accurate Valuation

SchoolCafé ensures the purchase prices stay with the item from start to finish for accurate inventory valuation.

Increased Visibility

Operate more efficiently by uncovering usage costs and inventory availability from a single software dashboard.

Advanced Reporting

Understand all aspects of your inventory with a wide range of reports from purchases to withdrawals.



Create, modify and review orders with auto-populated data that saves you time and money. Easily prepare orders with vendor delivery details and a printable order guide.

Withdraws, Transfers, and Additions

Manage daily withdrawals intuitively with Standard Withdrawal Templates, or use our a-la-carte withdrawal option when linked to a point-of-sale menu button. 

Administrator Dashboard

See messages, order statuses, and inventory snapshots on your administrator homepage. View recent inventory count and see your physical inventory timeline.

Physical Inventory

Our physical inventory count process is completed “blind” for utmost accountability. This prevents carrying the perpetual count into the physical count field. SchoolCafé also allows users to filter items by storage category, rather than trying to count all items found in different storage locations at one time.


Perpetual Inventory

Keep track of perpetual inventory based on items utilized and received, comparing the physical and perpetual inventory counts to identify discrepancies. This module also shows which sites have a particular item on hand at any given time.



Get easy access to manufacturer info and say goodbye to manual data entry.

Item Hierarchy

Consolidate inventory based on how you order, without manual calculations.

Unified Itemization

Enjoy centralized item management that communicates across all modules.

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