Our software lets you configure workloads to best fit your needs. Whether you want to validate applications in a batch, compare files to state forms, or filter for insights, SchoolCafé provides you with the tools you need to quickly find answers.

Key features

Audit Preparation

SchoolCafé eliminates the need for manual data entry. To guarantee your information is accurate, new scanned applications can be viewed side-by-side with the original application.

Rolling Verification

Spread the work of verification over a longer period of time to reduce workloads while increasing response rates from families.

Verification Sampling

Verification samples can be generated by selecting standard or alternate sampling methods. SchoolCafé allows users to track verification applications according to various stages of response.

Admin Access

Administrators can readily access supporting documents for students and parents along with images, approval status, and verification information.

Sibling Extension

Our platform filters through applications to match siblings and extend similar benefits to students of the same household.

Real-time Insights

The SchoolCafé dashboard monitors application processes and provides data mapping and charts to break down key information and patterns.

Apply for Benefits In Minutes

Our web and app-based systems provide parents with consistent support throughout the application process. Parents are prompted to fill in all required fields to provide districts with the most complete information possible.

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Direct Certification

SchoolCafé Application Processing efficiently handles students who are eligible for free meals using the Direct Certification (DC) process. Users can import the electronic file provided by the state, then validate the DC list against the district student enrollment (which is imported from the SIS) – ultimately matching students declared DC eligible.

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